Z-score Loreta Neurofeedback  2th Gent workshop 29 Feb- March 1st 2016

What about ?

Since the first Ghent Workshop on qEEG and z-score Loreta Neurofeedback in 2013, many new and exciting features have been added to the Neuroguide package check at page–>  “NEW”. This workshop will provide a first hand experience with these state-of-the-art brain exploration tools and allow the attendents to acquire new skills, directly aimed at improving clinical results.

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Who can attend?

While fMRI and DTI provide excellent spatial resolution, clinical situations require a real time insight in functional and effective brain network connectivity in order to be able to relate dysfunctional (and compensatory) subnetworks  to clinical neuropsychiatric symptoms. Neuroguide encorporates a unique collection of tools that allows one to zoom-in on brain networks function and  train deficient networks to a higher level of harmonic stabilization as such strengthening resilience in patients.

All academics with genuine interest in applied neurosciences.

The clinical (neuro)-psychiatrist

The clinician will learn the direct link from brain network dysfunctions to clinical symptoms

The neuroscientist

Will discover a rich and specfic neuroscience toolkit that will provide all necessary  methods to deepen his/her knowledge base.

The psychologist

The student of cognitive neuro-psychology will discover new methods to push his research.


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